Content updated 2020-01-22

School of Health and Welfare

Information published 24 April 2020

Decision to postpone the spring graduation ceremony

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and in line with the Swedish government's decision 27 March, JU will not arrange any public gatherings or social events with more than 50 participants. This also means that we today, 24 April, have decided to postpone the spring graduation ceremony which was scheduled to take place 5 June 2020. Our hope is that the situation will be different in the autumn, and we are planning a traditional graduation ceremony for the students who are graduating in the spring 2020 in October instead.

We will shortly get back to you with information about a time and place for this and a registration form for those who are interested in participating in the autumn graduation ceremony.

We thank you for your understanding in these times and hope that you, just as us, look forward to hopefully holding the spring graduation during the autumn instead.


Jan Mårtensson, Acting Dean and Managing Director

Agneta Stenebrand, Educational Director

School of Health and Welfare

The Graduation Ceremony is organized twice a year to celebrate the students who graduate from the School of Health and Welfare.

Each year, there are around 500 students at the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ) who complete their university education. This is something the school wants to draw attention to by inviting all the students who finish their studies, as well as their family and friends, for a Graduation Ceremony.

The next Graduation Ceremony is planned to take place on Friday, June 5th, 2020. Discussions are currently ongoing, in regards to the current situation. More information will follow as soon as possible.

Hi students!

We hope that you have had a nice summer and that you are now starting to get into working life or further studies.

With regards to the current situation and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the School of Health and Welfare has decided to once again postpone the graduation ceremony which was planned to take place 24 October 2020.

Instead the plan is to, if the situation allows, celebrate you with a graduation ceremony the 22 January 2021. More information regarding time (which can be either morning or afternoon) and place will follow via e-mail.

Thank you for your understanding and with hopes of a nice autumn!

Best regards,

Marie Ernsth Bravell, Dean and Managing Director, School of Health and Welfare

Agneta Stenebrand, Educational Director, School of Health and Welfare

Upcoming Graduation Ceremonies:

Preliminary 22 January 2021


Charlott Lindholm