Study counselling

At Jönköping University there is a general study counselling as well as specific study counsellors/contact persons for every programme and course.

Study counselling for students at Jönköping University


The study counsellors at Jönköping University are bound by confidentiality to hold secret all personal information regarding students if consent has not been given by the student in question.

Are you not a student at JU yet?

Please contact the General Study Counselling

Do you need help with your studies?

Resources at JU

Extra math help and Academic Resource Centre is open for everyone.

Learning centres in Jönköping

Räknestugan at Per Brahe-gymnasium


Björn Liljeqvist, Braingain Education

Björn is an appreciated lecturer about study skills and also the author of several books about study skills. He usually visits us every year at JU to do lectures about study skills. Below you can find recorded material from Björn about study skills.

You can watch the recorded material in our Jobportal. Sign in with your school email.


Håkan Fleischer is also doing lectures about Study skills regularly at JU. Here you can find a compendium with the key points of his lectures.

Compendium found here! Pdf, 215.1 kB.

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