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All exams at Jönköping University are coordinated by a university-wide examination group.

Registration and the exam

You should register via StudentLadok or via the JU Mobile services no later than 10 days before the exam. 

If you register via the JU Mobile, you will receive a confirmation of your registration via e-mail. Exam registrations via StudentLadok does not generate a confirmation mail.

Venues for exams are regularly published at StudentLadok and the JU Mobile services and also at the exam schedule on this page a few days before the exam.

During the exam, you must be able to show a valid photo ID. The university's access card (JU-cards) with a full personal identity number and marked with "Identity Card" may be used as an id document for the exam, as well as a national Swedish driver's license or a national ID card.


Any questions regarding the actual exam should be directed to the course coordinator or the examiner.

Permitted aids

You should be informed, in advance, what aids are allowed on the current exam. If calculators are allowed, then any of the following models apply (unless otherwise specified by the course coordinator): Casio FX-82, Texas TI-30, Sharp EL-W531. These are also allowed with additional number or letters in the name.

The JU Mobile services

The JU Mobile services are linked to your course registrations in Ladok. If you have the notification function activated on JU Mobile app, you will be notified both when the exam registration period opens and before it closes.

Unfortunately, notifications from the JU Mobile services do not work fully with all existing Android versions! Under Apps...Settings, make sure notifications are turned on for the JU mobile app.

Problems with registrations

If you have any problems registering, please inform us as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days before the exam, by using our case management system. Please, select the Case Type that corresponds to your query and leave a query in the free text field.

Double exams

If you have registered for two exams, scheduled to be held within the same time frame, and you want to sit them both, you should notify this no later than 10 days before the exams by using our case management system External link, opens in new window..

No extra time will be allocated to students sitting two concurrent exams. (In order to be eligible to re-take an exam, there must be students registered via Ladok, who have not already passed the exam.)

Make-up of grade at JTH (Swe.Plussning)

Make up of grade (Plussning) is only being offered at the School of Engineering. This offer is restricted to existing re-examination sessions for the course.

The condition is that there is at least one regular student registered for the particular occasion. Please, register (when you sign up for the re-exam) for desired make-up exam session (plussning) via the case management system. External link, opens in new window.

Targeted educational support for students with disabilities (RPS)

1. Targeted educational support will be granted by the coordinator for this support: 

Support for students with disabilities

2. You register for the exam, using Ladok's web services or the JU-mobile services.

3. Notify us in our case management system of the adaptation required. This must every time you register for an exam.

4. You may register for the exam as soon as the registration in Ladok's web services open, but no later than 10 days before the exam.

5. If you are unable to attend, please give notice of cancellation by using our case management system.

Practice examns

Find and download past exams to practice here

Scanned paper-based exams

When your paper-based exam has been graded and scanned, you will be able to access it  as a PDF file. Access is available via and the JU Mobile Services.

Your scanned exams are stored digitally for two years from the date of the exam. Thereafter, they are deleted.

Remember to save them on your own computer if you want to have access to them for a longer period.

The original exams, in paper format, are archived and stored for two years after the date of the exam. If you want to keep your exam paper for a longer period, remember to download a copy to your computer.

Should you wish to request correction or amendment of a grade decision, contact your examiner. However, you may not contact your examiner nor graders in person, before the completion of the assessment. See further information about pseudonomized exams below!

Inspera exam submissions available on several platforms

When assessment is completed in Inspera, students will gain access to their submissions on several platforms, providing that the Examiner/Course Coordinator has ticked the "Allow candidate post-submission review" option in Inspera

Please note, in Inspera students find teacher Annotations, Motivations and a full Results Report. Should the case be, that you do not have access to your submission nor results, please contact the Course Coordinator for your course.

Inspera exam submissions may also be accessed as PDF-files via the JU-mobile services and at, upon completed assessment and ticket option for "Allow candidate post-submission review" .

Students from other universities and institutions (only Swedish institutions)

If you are studying at another university or university college and want to sit a paper-based exam at Jönköping University, please use our case management system External link, opens in new window. to notify us as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days before the exam, for a decision and information. (The exam you wish to register for must coincide with an exam at Jönköping University).

Note: JU do not offer digital exam sittings (e-exams) from other institutions.

Regarding Pseudonymisation of exams

JU have adopted Pseudonymisation of the exam process for all paper-based exams and all e-exams in Inspera. This implies that students perform their exams without their personal identity (name, civic number) being known to the grader/examiner. Your identity will be concealed until the results have been reported to Ladok (the student registry).

In order to maintain this pseudonymous chain of information, it is of major importance that you, as a student, do not engage in any conversation directly with your teachers, regarding your exam before the results are reported.

Should there be an imminent need to inform your teachers of an obvious inadequacy or error, it's important to up-hold the routes of contact according to the below:

If the inadequacy or error emerges during the exam sitting:

  • contact the invigilator on site. S/he will ensure your information reaches the Course Coordinator.

If the inadequacy or error is found post-exam, but before the results have been reported to Ladok:

  • contact the JU Service Center who will ensure your information reaches the course coordinator, without any personal information being disclosed. You may not contact any of your teachers directly during this state of affairs. The Service Center will give you feed-back from your teachers.
  • If questions arise concerning the above, please contact the Service Center via the case management system - here External link, opens in new window..
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