Content updated 2014-10-27


At Jönköping University, recurring quality follow-up is conducted in various forms. The systematic quality work is crucial when it comes to the development of our programmes.

Evaluations take place at Jönköping University at different levels.

Course evaluations must be carried out in connection with course completion in accordance with the rules established by the school (see also Regulations and guidelines for first-, second- and third-cycle education at Jönköping University).

Programme evaluations are carried out at school level within programme councils where the required measures can be proposed.

At the university level, an evaluation is carried out in the form of the Student Barometer and The International Student Barometer (ISBSB), which is aimed at students during their education. In the work with ISBSB, valuable information is collected that gives a picture of the student's entire study situation, and includes parts such as support, housing and learning.