• Extra drop-in times during the holidays

    Are you studying during the holidays and have questions about databases or references? Visit our Zoom drop-in:Thursday 30 December 11:00–12:00Friday 7 January 11:00–12:00Here's the link.
  • Opening hours during the holidays

    The year is coming to an end and the Christmas and New Year holidays are waiting around the corner. The library is open almost every day that is not a holiday.
  • Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: What’s the latest? Keep up!

    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.
  • We are giving the library a makeover

    In 2022, the library will be 25 years old, and the building needs some maintenance and renovation. During the spring semester, the study environment will be affected by the intense renovation work that will take place. Major and minor changes will be made, including a new wall and furniture restorations.