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  • The University Library's access to SIS standards

    Standards are often described as common solutions to recurring problems. They are developed and used in most areas of society. Via the University Library, you have access to a wide range of standards and you can also submit requests for new ones. What is SIS?The Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS, is an association that leads the Swedish work to produce standards. The association collaborates with all parts of Swedish society, such as industry, academia and the public sector. SIS is part of the International Organi... Read more…
  • Fiction area open again

    On Tuesday 17 May, the fiction department on floor 2 will reopen after the renovation. You will now be able to use the doors between the library and the group room corridor again. Read more.
  • New information desk in the library

    In a few weeks, we can look forward to a new information desk at a new location in the library. Until then, you will be able to ask us questions in a couple of different places, initially in Caffè Dal... Read more.

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