• Return books around the clock

    Did you know that you can return books at anytime? When the library is closed, you can leave your books in the return box outside the library entrance.
  • Time for drop in at the library

    Are you stuck in your search for information? Are the references getting on your nerves? Welcome to the library's drop in, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 12:30–13:30.

  • Welcome to a new semester!

    On Monday, 21 August, the University Library will return to its regular opening hours. We are open Monday–Thursday 8:00–20:00, Friday 8:00–18:00 and Saturday 11:00–15:00
  • Increased limit for late return fines

    The threshold for when late return fines limit loans will be increased from 50 kronor to 300 kronor. This change will be in effect from 16 June.
  • Summer opening hours at the library

    On Monday, June 12, the library will switch to summer opening hours. Opening hours will vary during the summer. During week 28, the library is completely closed due to floor work.
  • JMW-salen temporarily closed

    During the month of June, the lighting will be changed and the floor will be treated in the library's JMW hall. This means that the hall is closed from and including 31 May until the end of June. The rest of the library is open as usual.
  • Library ❤️ JU

    Many books and book chapters written by researchers at Jönköping University are published every year. Since the library likes books from JU researchers a little extra, we are now highlighting some of the last year's publications in an exhibition.
  • Can't find your guide?

    The University Library has different guides for students. We have released a new design that changes the appearance of our list of guides.
  • Library exhibition by students from the School of Engineering

    Students in the second year of the building design with architecture program have worked on a project around the Söder district in Jönköping. They have visited and interviewed residents in the area and created proposals on how various places can be improved. Come and have a look at their proposals in the exhibition at the library.
  • World Poetry Day at the University Library

    21 March is World Poetry Day. The day was established by Unesco in 1999 to strengthen oral storytelling traditions, make contemporary poetry visible and increase contacts between poetry and other art forms. In the library, you can find an exhibition of poetry of various kinds and in the library's social media you will find a poem a day all week.
  • Exhibition for those with a thirst for knowledge

    Do you want to learn a little about a lot? Then the library's new exhibition is something for you. The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press consists of short and concise introductions to almost everything. We are showing our books in the series in an exhibition. Welcome in and borrow an introduction to Foucault, stones, Christianity, love or perhaps silent film!
  • Easy access to articles with Lean Library

    Lean Library is a browser extension that gives you easy access to materials that the library has access to. You do not need to be on campus, go via Databases A–Z or Primo to get access to a full text.
  • The library commemorates the Holocaust Remembrance Day

    27 January is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The library has an exhibition with many important reading tips as well as a mini-exhibition about the history of racial thinking.
  • Welcome to a new semester!

    The University Library is here to support both new and old students with course literature, scientific sources and reference management.
  • Book and film club in February

    In February, the library's book club runs a collaboration with the City Library's film studio. In the book club, we will read the book Carol by Patricia Highsmith. We are also invited to see the film with the same title for free at the City Library.
  • Lecture room open for studies again

    In October, we chose to close our lecture rooms due to littering. As of today, we are opening one of the rooms, C2003, for studies again. You are welcome to sit down and study if there is no teaching in progress.
  • Orange Week at the library

    During this week (21–27 November), Orange Week takes place around the world. The aim is to spread knowledge about men's violence against women and violence in close relationships. Several organisations and companies in Jönköping participate and the University Library contributes with an exhibition of books on the subject.
  • Time for drop-in at the library

    Are you wondering if your article is peer reviewed? Are the references getting on your nerves? Are you stuck in your search for information? Don't worry, we'll help you. Welcome to the library's drop-in Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30–13:30, starting Thursday, 10 November.
  • Time for a new book club meeting at the library

    The library's book club will meet again on Monday, 5 December at 16:00 to discuss a true classic, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. Everyone is welcome, both students and staff.
  • New handbooks from Edward Elgar Publishing

    The library has access to 20 new handbooks from the academic publisher Edward Elgar publishing. Examples of titles are Research Handbook on Environmental Sociology, Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations and Handbook on Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development.