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Day 5! Almost there ☀️We reached control stop 7 and control stop 8, at Coober Pedy and Glandamo. The car managed to drive to 16.45 (15min before stop) due to issues. But the team stayed up all night to fix it and are now ready for control stop 9 and the FINISH LINE!! 🏁🇸🇪

Day 4! Chasing the sun☀️ Thick clouds in the sky and a low battery made us stop for a couple of hours in the morning to recharge the battery. As the sky cleared up and turned back to blue, we were on the road again and reached control stop number 6 at Kulgera!

Yesterday @mdhsolarteam stopped by to help us and today we got a lovely visit from @chalmerssolarteam at breakfast 🥰. We are so lucky and thankful to have friends and allies down here in Australia 🇸🇪🇦🇺#worldsolarchallange #bwsc19 #ju #jönköping #teamsweden

Crossing the border to South Australia ☀️ Nice seeing you there @teamarrowracing 👋 #jusolarteam #bwsc19