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  • Better understanding of children's health

    Twenty percent of all children in Sweden have a long-term condition, such as diabetes or rheumatic disease. In a new dissertation from the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University, Christina Peterson has examined how health professionals can use a questionnaire to improve their knowledge about children’s health, but also how the children themselves can get a better understanding of their disease.
  • The Swedish Research Council supports a unique project

    Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, professor of education at the School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, has been awarded nearly 8 million from the Swedish Research Council for the project PAL. The project aims to identify educational and other opportunities and success factors for adolescents and young adults in school, at university and in the employment sector from an intersectional perspective.
  • Johan Thor holds his Associate professorship lecture in Improvement Science

    Knowledge on quality improvement and leadership in health care can make a big difference – under the right conditions. In his Associate professorship lecture on December 15, Johan Thor will try to explain the situations in which it is easier and when it is more difficult to develop and then make use of the available research.
  • Accelerated customization with smarter methods

    A recent collaboration between the business sector and the School of Engineering at Jönköping University will facilitate the adaption of products to new requirements and strengthen the companies’ competitiveness through new work procedures and IT tools.