Sustainable Societies (SUS)

The Sustainable Societies research environment consists of two themes: Sustainability Education Research (SER) and Social Change and Sustainability (SOS). It has a subject-wise starting point in pedagogy, global studies and natural science and technology didactics.

SUS works across disciplinary boundaries with a focus on a broad definition of sustainability. In practice, we conduct research that includes many of the global goals for sustainable development, from sustainable development and learning to peaceful and inclusive societies, and how sustainability and social change are linked. In addition, the Master's program Global Studies – Sustainable Societies and Social Change is linked to SUS. In doing so, SUS aims to create a lively research environment that both produces important research on sustainable societies and supports educational activities at advanced level at the School of Education and Communication (HLK). All teacher training courses at HLK are also supported by research within SUS.


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