Collaborate with Jönköping International Business School

Partnerships and collaboration are the keys to addressing societal and global challenges. Through collaboration, we can support local and global sustainable development, drive innovation, co-create new knowledge and learn from each other.

Since its foundation, JIBS has been committed to advancing theory and practice of business by building connections between our international community and public organizations and local, regional and global networks.

When partnering with JIBS, you gain the power and expertise to help you grow your organization.

Together we can co-create a better world.

Why partner and collaborate with JIBS?

  • Create awareness about your organization. Our students are the employees of tomorrow who come out with the latest knowledge in their respective areas.
  • Our programmes are developed to address societal challenges. Let our students tackle your challenges and gain new perspectives.
  • Acquire and strengthen competencies and performance with our executive education and lifelong learning courses.
  • Gain access to cutting-edge expertise from our worldwide recognized research centres.

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