Over 20 million SEK for socially beneficial research

Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) at Jönköping University receives over SEK 20 million from the family-owned The Hamrin Foundation. The money will finance new socially useful research in economics and business administration with a focus on current areas.

Lovisa Hamrin, Chairman The Hamrin Foundation, Johan Klaesson, Dean and Managing Director JIBS, Hanna Ståhl, CEO The Hamrin Foundation


The Hamrin Foundation (Carl-Olof & Jenz Hamrins Stiftelse) was founded in 1985 and has since its inception distributed over SEK 320 million to research. More than SEK 200 million has been awarded to Jönköping University and The Hamrin Foundation has been an important part of the construction of JIBS.

A total of six applications are granted funding of more than SEK 20 million. The approved projects will start in 2024 and last until 2026 at the latest.

Since its inception in 1994, JIBS has put great focus on external relations and practical relevance in its research. The school is, both nationally and internationally, particularly recognized for its highly ranked research on family business and ownership, entrepreneurship, business renewal, and spatial economics.

“We are very proud that The Hamrin Foundation has decided to further develop and deepen the collaboration with JIBS. Our collaboration goes far back in time and has played a significant role in our efforts to generate socially beneficial research. We look forward with excitement to seeing the results of the projects,” says Johan Klaesson, Dean and Managing Director at JIBS.

Help find solutions to challenges

For The Hamrin Foundation, funding is part of the foundation's work to bring together research and business to help find solutions to challenges such as energy supply, pension systems, and regional development.

"Over the past year, we have focused on creating a new strategic direction for our foundation and what we want to achieve. We want to contribute to new knowledge and create bridges between academia, industry, and society. We see JIBS as an important cog in our journey forward and what the university does and contributes to in our region is very important. I am immensely proud and happy, and I look with confidence to the future for us at The Hamrin Foundation and JIBS,” says Lovisa Hamrin, Chairman of The Hamrin Foundation.

Benefit decision-makers and the public

The common objective is that the results should benefit decision-makers and the public as much as possible.

"Our driving force is to ensure that the research we and others fund is translated into real benefit for Sweden and the region. The purpose of the collaboration is to build knowledge and competence. We hope that it will lead to change and impact,” says Hanna Ståhl, CEO of The Hamrin Foundation.

The projects will be presented in more detail on Jönköping University's research blog Vertikals. Vertikals started in 2013 as an arena for dialogue and exchange of knowledge between people and is funded by The Hamrin Foundation.

About The Hamrin Foundation

The Hamrin Foundation creates interdisciplinary projects that move society, academia, and business. The foundation invests in research and development projects within, among other things, media, and important social issues. The Hamrin Foundation was founded in 1986 in Småland. Since 1988, The Hamrin Foundation has invested approximately SEK 320 million in research.

Read more at thehamrinfoundation.com

Approved projects

Enabling Sustainable Business Models - Solving the mismatch between public policies and company needs

Per Davidsson, Professor Entrepreneurship, JIBS, Lucia Naldi, Professor Business Administration, JIBS, and Madeleine Meurer,Postdoc Business Administration, JIBS.

Green Deals: More from Less or more Green Bubbles?

Christian Sandström, Senior Associate Professor Business Administration, JIBS.

Improving the Swedish regulatory model for electricity distribution

Pär Sjölander, Professor Econometrics, JIBS, and Kristofer Månsson, Professor Statistics, JIBS.

Nyetableringar i mindre kommuner – en väg till uppgång eller (fortsatt) fall?

Charlotta Mellander, Professor Economics, JIBS, Lina Bjerke, Assistant Professor Economics, JIBS, and Sofia Wixe, Assistant Professor Economics, JIBS.

Public Sector Digitalization: Innovations in Pension Data and Tax Reporting

Johannes Hagen, Associate Professor Economics, JIBS, and Andrea Schneider, Assistant Professor Economics, JIBS.

Unveiling the Pricing Strategies and Debt Profiles of Swedish Firms: A Novel Data-Driven Study in Partnership with the Riksbank

Benjamin Larin, Assistant Professor Economics, JIBS, and Mathias Klein, Senior Economist, Riksbanken.