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Log in to Student-Ladok

You log in to StudentLadok with your student account at Click on the blue button ’Välj lärosäte för inloggning’ / ’Select higher education to login’. Select ’Jönköping University’ in the list of universities, then click on ’Proceed to login’.


Student-Ladok is the University's web-based, study administration system. In Student-Ladok you can:

  • register for courses
  • register for exams
  • see your results
  • create certificates: Certificate of anticipated participation, Certificate of Registration, Result certificate and National result certificate
  • see your courses
  • update your contact information
  • apply for course certificate
  • apply for your degree certificate
  • Check your email

You need to log into Student-Ladok to choose to what email address you want the system to send details on exam results etc. You can find your contact information under ’My pages’.

Scheduled Interruptions

  • October 7, 4:00 am - 6 am
  • October 21, 4:00 am - 6 am

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us via our case management system or visit Service Center.

Linkt to StudentLadok
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System manager Ladok

Johanna Isaksson
+46 36-10 1544