Anna Rosengren

Senior Lecturer Industrial Management and Economy
Quality Coordinator
Dean´s Office , School of Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy


Twenty-five years’ experience from industry and academia in Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden. Change management has been a recurring theme in her work since 1992 in many different areas including finance, marketing, quality system management and university teaching.

Master in Business Administration and Economics, Lund University (1992). PhD in history, Lund University/Södertörn University (2011). Previous work experience includes project management, marketing and management consultancy at Trelleborg (Brussels, Belgium), Philips (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) and Ernst & Young (Stockholm, Sweden). Her academic career began with PhD studies in 2006. She currently holds the position as the chairperson of the Pedagogical development group and as Quality Coordinator at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University.


Anna Rosengren’s research focuses on how official documents are created, and the awareness among individuals about how their personal data in official documents might be processed. Rosengren has received funds from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) 2015-2018 for the project “Privacy, the hidden aspect of Swedish democracy. A legal and historical investigation about balancing openness and privacy in Sweden”.

Her research is thus situated in the intersection between openness/the principle of access to official documents, and privacy/personal integrity. The Swedish principle of access to official documents, (“offentlighetsprincipen”) is closely linked to openness. This right of access is stipulated in the Swedish constitutional law the Freedom of the Press Act, originating in 1766. The long-standing Swedish tradition of openness has rightly gained much acclaim as a fundamental instrument in a democratic society by providing citizens and media insight into the activities of public authorities. However, the Act also provides access to documents containing personal data, with potential detrimental effects on privacy. The research project aims to shed light on this under-investigated aspect.

As a research method, Rosengren uses “linguistic-historical research”, drawing on theorists Reinhart Koselleck and Quentin Skinner, among others. This approach assumes that a relationship exists between language and reality, between text and context. With this starting point it is possible to use the historical language of the empirical material as a tool to detect societal context and historical change.


Rosengren, A. (2017). Offentlighetsprincipen i teori och praktik , 26-57.

Book chapter

Jonason, P., Rosengren, A. (2017). On Democracy, the Right of Access to Information and the Right to Privacy. In: Patricia Jonason & Anna Rosengren (Ed.), The Right of Access to Information and the Right to Privacy: A Democratic Balancing Act (pp. 5 -10). Huddinge: Södertörns högskola
Rosengren, A. (2017). The Swedish Black Box: On the Principle of Public Access to Official Documents in Sweden. In: Patricia Jonason & Anna Rosengren (Ed.), The Right of Access to Information and the Right to Privacy: A Democratic Balancing Act (pp. 77 -109). Huddinge: Södertörns högskola