Jönköping University has an overriding international profile and here, students, teachers and researchers are offered an exciting international environment both abroad and on campus.

Jönköping University has a long-term ambition to become an international university. The aim to become an international university in Jönköping contains several dimensions:

Strategic – for the University

  • Meet external demands for international competitiveness
  • Revenues from fee paying students
  • Broadening the recruitment base of researchers and students
  • An attractive campus environment with people from all over the world

Benefit – for our students, employees and partners

  • Students are prepared for an international career
  • Profession Motivated intercultural competence (in Sweden and abroad)
  • Access to international research networks

Core values – for humanity

  • Create conditions for cooperation and understanding between nations and groups
  • Create global citizens
  • Contribute to solving global challenges and problems

Jönköping University joins the Scholars at Risk network

Jönköping University has joined Scholars at Risk (SAR), a network of over 500 higher education institutions in 41 countries working to protect threatened scholars, prevent attacks on higher education and promote academic freedom.

As a SAR member Jönköping Universit demonstrate our commitment and responsibility to preserving and promoting the freedom to think, locally and globally.

About Scholars at Risk

Content updated 2019-04-02

About the University
Content updated 2010-08-17
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